Dr. Archana S., Dr. Rajith Kumar H B., Nataraja K. H.

Doi: 10.26480/sfna.02.2023.72.74

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Kaolin is a white, soft, flexible clay, is a fine-grained plate-like material frequently referred to as “China Clay.” kaolin consists of ‘alumina octahedral sheets’ and ‘silica tetrahedral sheets’ stacked alternatively, chemically is a “Hydrous aluminium silicate” (Al2Si205(OH)4). It is used in ceramic products like white wares, spread the fruit with an even layer of film, adds strength to fiber glass and alter insect or pathogen behaviour. It has numerous applications in horticulture to overcome adverse conditions of plants such as summer stress, fruit cracking, sun burn, pests and diseases and improve water use efficiency with better fruit quality. Kaolin is boon to the farmer as it is helpful in mitigating biotic and abiotic stresses of plant, reduces the use of agrochemicals and improve yield and quality of the produce.

Pages 72-74
Year 2023
Issue 2
Volume 4